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Doogie White went to see Rainbow in Birmingham

Doogie White: Enjoyed my evening at the Genting Arena watching my old band mate doing his thing with his new band mates. It was an evening of mixed emotions for me but probably not the ones some would expect. I was pleased for everyone on the stage and in the audience and New Ronnie did a great job. The Rainbow looked good too.

Doogie White on Facebook 2016

Memories of Shoshana Feinstein who did the backing vocals on the Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow album in 1975

Shoshana Feinstein: I used to sit in the living room of Ritchie's house when he first picked up his cello and listen to him play. We talked about starting another project that's more mellow (he loved Bach). But at that time in 1974 he was not ready to do so. He told me that his fans would not embrace him departing from the rock that he was doing those days.

Shoshana Feinstein on Facebook 2016

We had David Coverdale in Fireworks Magazine recently. He told us how he'd reached out to you, wanting to bury the hatchet. There was talk of you working together again, but that didn't pan out. Were you pleased he got in touch?

Ritchie Blackmore: It's always good to be friends, we're all getting older. I'd still like to know where he buried that hatchet, I've been looking for it! He's a nice guy. It's just he wanted to do something with the Deep Purple thing and I wasn't ready to do that, I was iffy about it, back and forth. We talked every now and again, threw around some ideas but I take what I'm doing now very seriously, I wasn't particularly that interested in getting together to do something Purple related. He was very nice about it and very patient because it went on for about nine months, and he eventually decided to do those songs with his own band.

However, I'll probably do something next June, doing all the Rainbow and Purple songs for a few nights, maybe four nights. I don't know whether it'll be a festival or what yet, but I'll pick some people to do those old songs and jam some Rock N' Roll, that I would find exciting. I won't know who the singer will be yet for a few weeks. I have a good idea who it is, but I want to try and recreate the sound... there will be a lot of Dio stuff, but he can't be the singer, obviously. That would have been something! I noticed when I wrote the list of songs I wanted to do, it was a lot of Dio stuff. There was some Deep Purple, and probably 'I Surrender' would be in there too, that kind of thing. That's still in the talking process at the moment, but yeah, looking at doing three or four festivals or shows in June. Hopefully somebody will be interested and turn up.

Fireworks Magazine - Issue # 71 Sept/Oct 2015

I feel a wee bit like that asking this question cos I'm sure everyone asks you it, but the Rainbow Re-union? Is that still on the cards? Are we there yet?

Joe Lynn Turner: Well let's put it this way. Are we there yet..ha. I read Ritchie's comment that he did in the Parisienne and he said you know, they asked him if Joe Lynn Turner would be involved and he says "Well no and he just doesn't know yet". Which is really a back stab. It's pretty classless. All I can tell you is this, I laughed at it because it sounded completely confused, and he said it again, and I've read it again, friends of mine have given me interviews with him and I think he's winding me up but even if he isn't I think, you know, he said that "He doesn't know it yet". I think he's making a mistake and he doesn't know it yet to be perfectly honest.

Moshville - July 27th, 2015

One of your former singers, Joe Lynn Turner, keeps repeating that you are going to reform Rainbow and give concerts next year. I heard you were in contact to play in a festival in France at that time? True or not?

Ritchie Blackmore: No, they are true, but there's also a little confusion and some uncertainty. I'm thinking about play rock again, just for a few days in June next year, songs of Deep Purple and Rainbow. But for now, I've not decided on the people with whom I want to work. I have a good idea about the ideal candidates, but it would not be fair to say now. I just know that I will be in this band to play Deep Purple and Rainbow songs. We probably do 3 or 4 shows in June, that's all.

I think Joe (Lynn Turner) will not be part of the adventure, and he does not know it yet. He does his thing on his side, I like him, and I made good albums and great songs with him, like "Street of Dreams". But I think I'll make a mixture with known people and others not at all. This is my state of mind right now, and you're the first person I talk. There should be 3 or 4 people, it's going to be interesting!

Le Parisien - July 4th, 2015

Will the fans will see a rocking Ritchie Blackmore one more time?

Ritchie Blackmore: Well, with Blackmore's Night I still play the electric guitar now and then, but I'm at a point in my life now where I would be just bored to play 90 minutes of straight hard rock all the time. 20 years ago I just played straight hard rock every night. That's great in it's own way but it would have just bored me to do it for the rest of my life, so I'm very happy with my current situation.

Guitar Magazine 2012

I must ask, it's the cheesiest, daftest question but how many times have you got lost in Hollywood?

Graham Bonnet: I don't know. I got lost on my bike. Does that count as Hollywood? I don't know. I was on tour with Rainbow and we were in Newcastle which is a foreign country as far as I am concerned – a foreign language and a foreign country. Our Tour Manager stopped and he said, " I need a p*ss and I can't find the gig". So I asked this guy out here and he was a guy, probably a bit older than I am – he was probably about in his 70's or 80's. I said, "Scuse me, do know where (whatever it is gig is in Newcastle)?" He said, "Waye Aye Man, Ya Gang Doon Heeya…", and his actual instructions were, "You go down here and the gig is a mile before the church. So what you have to do is go to the church, turn around and come back a mile".

It was like the daftest bloody directions you could ever hear. Our Tour Manager was actually from Newcastle and he said, "What the f*ck did he say?" (We all laugh). "You're asking me? You Geordie F*ck*r". (We laugh). Old Colin Coldhard – Oh man! It's just the directions were just ridiculous. So we had to find the f*ck*ng church and come back. Oh it was such a magic moment that day – it certainly was. It was a great gig that night but anyway...

Metalliville - January 30th, 2015

Ritchie Blackmore has historically preferred bassists who play with a pick. How did you accommodate him, being predominantly a fingerstyle player?

Greg Smith: I'm not a very good pick player. I learned with my fingers, and I don't have much experience using a pick at all. With Blackmore I ended up growing out my fingernails just a bit and angling them to get that pointed sound he likes. He was happy with that.

BassPlayer.com - August 27, 2013

Recently you said to another magazine that fans deserve the Rainbow reunion. Why did you say this?

Joe Lynn Turner: Well, I really believe so, because it was the major band for many many people throughout the world, internationally. Ritchie Blackmore is a true icon, he's a true guitar hero. In my opinion he's not one of the best. He is the best and the most original. I respect a lot what he wants to do now, and he does not have to stop that, but I think that in a window of time he should think to do something with Rainbow again because 2014 would be our 40 years, it would be our anniversary. That would be a beautiful moment to do this, this would be a perfect year.

And I don't understand why he doesn't think about this, because this is part of rock legend and history, and it would be such an honour to do a reunion, a resurrection of the band. Not only for the fans, who really want it, but also for the members, including past and present members. You know, it's a legend, I think it's probably one of the only possible reunions. You have Black Sabbath and other bands out there, but I think Rainbow supersedes every one of these bands, and I think this would be the most acclaimed reunion in rock history, and it would made rock history again. The fans deserve it for sure, they're screaming for it everywhere I go.

I hate to say it, but I've not spoken directly to him, but I have spoken to managers. I'm trying to convince his management that this is what we should do. That said, to be honest, I'm hitting a wall. I don't want to speak badly [about Candice Night and Carole Stevens]. But the truth is the truth.

Spacio Rock, Italy - December 15, 2014

When asked about a Rainbow reunion, Joe responded with the following:

Joe Lynn Turner: Well, I'm gonna be honest with you, right now. Yes! Possibly. It's very possible. Last year, I wouldn't say it. But this year I say it. It's possible. It's a very big possibility that something might, just might, happen. I heard talk a bit and all I can say is that I'm not supposed to talk about it, but I'm talking to you now, and all I want you to say is yes. It's a very big possibility that we may have a reunion. It will be phenomenal. (And when he was told that we hope to see him live with Rainbow, he replied: "Yeah, man! Keep your fingers crossed.")

Rock Overdose, Greece - August 25, 2014