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Up next is a new studio effort, and Blackmore tells Billboard magazine he has completed about 10 tracks

Ritchie Blackmore: From my point of view, it's the same old crap that weíve been doing for a long time. I'm not a person that goes in any direction, you know? I just play whatever I feel like at the time.

Something Else!, October 12, 2012     [For the full article click here]

One of the unique guitarists is Ritchie Blackmore, a fan of yours. You've lent your flute to one his records, but is there a possibility of you doing something together? He's playing mostly acoustic music now too, so the results might be interesting.

Ian Anderson: (Sighs) Well, that has been talked about a few times. Ritchie and his mother-in-law who manages him expressed interest in doing some concerts with me or JETHRO TULL at some point, and I have asked promoters and agents whether they thought it was a good idea but the message that comes back is a very mixed one because Ritchie and his manager have a reputation of being very difficult to deal with. It's a shame but some agents simply don't want to have anything to do with Ritchie Blackmore and his current incarnation any more than they did with DEEP PURPLE when there were often little episodes that pissed people off. Ritchie is a practical joker and I think his reputation is probably at least partly deserved although I'd always find him to be a pleasant and thoughtful and intelligent person and I didn't have any personal bad experience of Ritchie. He's not a great personal friend but someone whose music I admire. But in forty years of playing music he's upset a lot of people along the way. (Laughs.)

DME Music Site - August 2006

Deep Purple is one of 15 nominees on the Rock Hall's final ballot, and Blackmore does acknowledge that the nod has been a long time coming.

Ritchie Blackmore: Personally, I couldn't care less, I would never go. I'm not really a fan of that stuff. Considering some of the people that are in the Hall of Fame, I'm not sure if it's a good idea, so I don't care one way or the other, actually. I think our fans seem to care more than I do. They're always saying, 'You should be in the Hall of Fame. You should be in this, you should be in that...'. If I can pay the bills, that's all I care about.

Billboard, October 11, 2012     [For the full interview click here]

Glenn Hughes On A Deep Purple Mk III Reunion

Glenn Hughes: Jon, David and I were trying to get it together. But we couldnít get ahold of him. We sent carrier pigeons, and the Pony Express. But nobody at 'Castle Blackmore' answered the door. It wasnít meant to be.

Brian Ives, CBS Local - WCBSFM 101.1 New York - September 6, 2012    [Full article here]

What about Dick Pimple?

Ian Gillan: Dick Pimple was a gift to a Deep Purple fan convention, which was supposed to be taking place at Sheffield City Hall around about the time we were recording Purpendicular, which would be 18, 20 years ago. When weíre in the studio we jam every day to warm up, and Dick Pimple was a result of one of those jams. I donít know how long it is Ė 10 minutes, maybe longer. I played it the other day, I havenít heard it since it was recorded, never gave it any thought. And wow, itís got that drive to it. Itís completely relaxed and yet itís got ferocious energy. Thereís some great solos by Jon Lord and Steve Morse. It was good fun. Dick Pimple was an old name that Ritchie Blackmore used to have for Deep Purple. That was one of Ritchieís favourites, along with the Steel Erectors.

Geoff Barton, Classic Rock - May 2012    [Full interview here]

Where is Over the Rainbow at?

Joe Lynn Turner: Over the Rainbow is on hiatus. I have given them permission to look for another singer. The cost of traveling was too high because these guys are bringing all of this equipment. I would just show up with my microphone. Over the Rainbow was my idea. I cut everybody in equally and tried to be a nice guy about it but it got out of hand. I decided that I just didnít want to put up with anymore of that shit.

Jeb Wright, Classic Rock Revisited - April 2012    [Full interview here]

What is the status of Over The Rainbow right now?

Joe Lynn Turner: Over The Rainbow is on hiatus for now. We all have other projects we are working on. We could come back for a show or festival if it was the right situation, financially, and if everyone was available. So, I do not want to rule that possibility out.

Hardrock Haven - March 6, 2012    [Full interview here]

Do you regret that Deep Purple is still not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Roger Glover: I don't think we ever will because if they ever ask us, we'll just say 'No thanks'. It's fraught with political overtones and it could get a bit uncomfortable because if we were going to do it, for a start, Ritchie would have to be involved. Relationships with Ritchie, by his choice, are non-existent, and it wouldn't be a very pleasant experience.

The Chronicle Herald, Canada - Februari 2, 2012    [Full interview here]

In late September 1976 AC/DC started their first European Tour, supporting Ritchie Blackmore's new band, Rainbow.

Mark Evans: Blackmore had evidently got over the fact that he thought we had nothing to offer and agreed to have AC/DC on the bill. What I think helped was the £ 10.000 "buy-on" fee that was paid to secure the tour spot for us - and there he was thinking we had nothing to offer. What a silly sausage.

Dirty Deeds: My Life Inside/Outside AC/DC by Mark Evans - published in 2011

A feature of Rainbow's stage setting was an electronic rainbow.

Mark Evans: What became a highlight of the tour was said rainbow coughing, spluttering and generally malfunctioning. It had a mind of its own and Blackmore was apt to get into a real foot-stomping tizz when his rainbow was out of sorts. This became a regular feature, something we all looked forward to. I was waiting for Blackmore to hold his breath and turn blue, because his rainbow sure wasn't.

Dirty Deeds: My Life Inside/Outside AC/DC by Mark Evans - published in 2011