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Is there a spark hope that you will be on stage with Deep Purple once more?

Ritchie Blackmore: Maybe I will play one or two days for the fans. Not anything too serious though. Like in the past I have a problem with the Deep Purple Management - and not with the band members. We are all good friends since a long time. The problem is really the Management! For a few days I might do it. But certainly not for any longer than a week!

Speaker Magazine, Germany, January 2003

Did you start writing songs specially for Graham Bonnet's typical voice?

Chris Impellitteri: Yes, I did write a few songs before Graham, but the majority of the songs I wrote for Graham Bonnet's voice. If you listen to "Falling In Love With A Stranger", which is kind of like our big hit single, in other countries, and "She's A Nighttime Lover", you could see them as typical complete ripp-offs of Rainbow!" They could be on the "Down To Earth" album by Rainbow...

Vampire Magazine, The Netherlands, October 2002

Do you still have contact Ritchie Blackmore?

Ronnie James Dio: Ritchie lives on the other side of the continent in New York, so I only get to speak to him through people that we both know. It's nothing like it's been blown up to be in the press, you know -- "Ritchie's the most difficult man on earth to work with!". He probably is for everybody else, but he never was for me. I have nothing but the best to say about Ritchie. He's the one who gave me my first great opportunity and I learned a hell of a lot from him.

Extreme Magazine

Do you know why Carol Stevens got the Management-Job in Rainbow?

Doogie White: Come on, forget that. You know the answer just like I do. Ritchie told me because she can take better care of his money than anyone else.

The Aviator, August 2001

Have you ever been to a Blackmores Night-Show?

Doogie White: I don't have the nerve. Carol told me very clear that I'm not welcome.

The Aviator, August 2001

The last Rainbow-concert was on 31 May 1997 in Esbjerg, Denmark. There was a rumour Cozy Powell would be joining you in the encores.

Doogie White: All fairy tales. Cozy stand merely on the side of the stage and watched our show. But talkin' about the idea, it would have been great.

The Aviator, August 2001

What has been the funniest thing ever on stage?

Ronnie James Dio: The funniest thing on stage was with a promotor from Denmark. This was in Rainbow. In 1976 or 1977 during a gig in Paris, we had a rainbow at the time, the performer in before us was David cassidy and he took a harness on and they fly him from one end of the theater and then fly him onto the stage. And so we thought 'where is the promotor' and we got him, took all of his clothes off and only left his socks and his glasses on and put him in the harness. And during the song "Catch the Rainbow" we put him up and he swung back and forward under the rainbow. We looked up and thought it was great. But suddenly his head went down and I thought 'oh my god, we've killed him, quick bring him down'. We took him out of the harness and he turned out to be allright. So we asked him what happened. And he said 'well, I was up above Cozy and I was so angry, I tried to shit on him... and I tried so hard I passed out'.

Gong Radio

Any good stories of Rainbow getting wild?

Bob Daisley: One comes to mind in Scandinavia. There was a promoter there called Eric Thompson. You might notice that his initials are E.T. He looked a bit like E.T. He looked a bit like a light bulb. He had a weak and narrow chin that went down to his neck like a light bulb. The top of his head was sort of bulbous. Once Ritchie pulled the photograph out of his passport and replaced it with a picture of E.T. When Thompson went to go through customs and gave it to the guard and they just all fell about laughing. There were always practical jokes on Eric Thompson. Once in France they got a harness and the roadies got Eric Thompson behind the stage during the Rainbow concert. We used to have a huge rainbow that went over the stage and changed colors during the set. They stripped Eric Thompson naked and they put the harness on him and strung him up on the rainbow during the gig. They let him down because he was going red in the face. They thought the harness was on too tight and he was dying. After they let him down he told them that he was only going red in the face because he was trying to shit on Cozy!

Classic Rock Revisited, April 2002

Would you ever join a revamped Rainbow?

Don Airey: No, without Cozy there isn't much point.

Classicrocknews Yahoo Group, 10 questions with..., July 2002

Official statement by Ritchie Blackmore before his last tour with Deep Purple in 1993

Ritchie Blackmore: Although none of us will ever be the best of friends off stage, it's an explosive gelling of individuals which hits the button on stage and record.

Rock World 1993