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How did you find 'The Man In Black' & do you think Ritchie Blackmore will ever do a rock project again?

Mick Cervino (ex-Blackmore's Night bassplayer): I found he was just the way I thought he would be, extremely talented, very demanding, very meticulous, playfull, moody, great soccer player, very classy, generous, a bit paranoid at times, and a bit of a b.....let's say..."difficult" other times. He is very lovable.

For a while I thought he might, but I really think he's very happy doing what he is doing now. The thing is... with Ritchie you never know. The moment you assume he is or he is not going to do something, he catches you off guard and does the opposite or comes up with something you haven't even thought of. I guess we'll have to wait and see...

YJM Guitar Alchemy, September 2002

Doogie's reply on a discussion in The Highway Star Forum about a few titles that were supposedly worked up, maybe even a few recorded with the last Mk of Rainbow...

Doogie White: Treason and Pain, was actually PLEASURE AND PAIN, became Like a Rainbow and finally made the album as Black Masquerade.

Ask God for That. Should have made the album in my opinion. It had the Word God in the title and TMIB would not have it!!

Pagan Love Song remained that. The opening line "I have crossed oceans of time" was a working lyric and taken from Bram Stokers Dracula.

Wrong Side of Morning was a reworking of a Midnight Blue song called Until Tomorrow. A bluesy thing but with an odd poppy chorus stuck in. We should just have stuck to the original and let Ritchie wail over the top.

Judgement Day was a lyric and melody I had for a while and it fitted perfectly over Paul Morris' keys and Ritchies Chord progression. The opening line was "There was a time when I called you my brother" This ended up being rewritten for the Cornerstone album Human Stain as House of Nevermore.The opening line being "There was a time when we knew we'd be lonely"

Temptation which became Wolf to the Moon. Again Ritchie didn't like the idea of the lyrics.

There were some others that I cant remember, but I recorded every session every day for 5 weeks in "Tahigwa" Cold Spring. Ritchie's garage must be filled to the raffters with cassettes decaying... all that work and history lost.

I always thought a good title for this "Garage" album would have been Stranger than us All.

The Highway Star Forum, 14 May 2003

What about a project with RITCHIE BLACKMORE (as Dio/Blackmore not as Rainbow) the fans are eager to see.

Ronnie James Dio: I've talked with Ritchie in 1998 about a possible musical co-operation. Because of business problems it never came about. What I mean?? Somebody's manager asked to much money! And you will understand that it was not my manager! At this moment there is nothing serious to say about it. I'll just wait and see what happens.

Aardschok Magazine, Holland 2000

What are the plans for the future?

Ritchie Blackmore: Well, Rainbow is an option for next year. If I go on, I need a new singer, bassplayer and keyboardplayer. I canīt mention the names yet. Ronnie James Dio? I don't think he will be the new singer, but we might do a short tour and do a live album.

Dutch Music Magazine 1997

Are you a pain in the ass to play with in a band?

Ritchie Blackmore: Yes! but with reason, because I canīt stand unprofessional behaviour. Ian Gillan? Yes Iīm the pain in his ass. I just donīt like the man. He irritates me, especially when he couldnīt remember the lyrics. Because of him Deep Purple turned into a cabaret-act.

Dutch Music Magazine 1997

Have you ever sang?

Ritchie Blackmore: Yes, but I canīt sing and play the guitar at the same time. When I do a guitarsolo I sing along with it. I rather not sing in public, I just learned talking.

Dutch Music Magazine 1997

Doogie's reacts on the not too popular Joe Lynn Turner in AMDP

Doogie: For a few years, like many of you here, I had a "thing" about Joe. Now, I have spent time with the man and worked with him, (minor backing vocals on something or other) and he is witty, charming and fun to be around. Everyone jumps on the unfortunate comments made on PIONEERS. No one mentions the HM Top 10 interview where he explains his petulance. Lets not forget that "the man who shall not have a bad word spoken against him", chose Joe to work in both "his" bands. Why? Because he was an "ASShole/wipe". NAH, because he liked him believed he could sing and thought he could write a decent song. Be gracious people coz when Rainbow get back together and Joe is the singer you ll need him to get yer backstage passes to meet "you know who". And you know what, he would....... here endeth the lesson ;-))

AMDP 6 July 2000

Michael Schenker and Ritchie Blackmore definitely have multiple reputations, mostly beyond the music...

Graham Bonnet: Yeah but it is a very difficult thing to get out of because people expect you to be a loon, some fucking idiot that trashes hotel rooms and throws up on stage or dies on stage or whatever. That is what they call "Entertainment!".

The Electric Basement April 2003 (click here for the full interview)

If Deep Purple had been able to continue after 'Come Taste The Band', where could you have seen it heading?

Glenn Hughes: It would not have been Deep Purple anymore, because we were not a heavy rock group anymore. We were becoming a fusion band. Tommy and Ian Paice loved jazz, I was deep into R&B and soul then. I was going mad. I needed to make 'Play Me Out', otherwise I would have gone crazy. It couldn't have happened. Let me just say this – with Tommy Bolin in the band, it would not have happened. We needed more of a Blackmore type guy, or Blackmore back. Tommy was gonna be the main writer with me and Coverdale, and he would have gone really out there.

The Fuze 2002

Do you ever see a day when Rainbow could reform?

Joe Lynn Turner: Given the current situation that Ritchie is in and the fact that he very much is committed to what he is doing, now, with Blackmore's Night I do not see it happening in the near future.

Classic Rock News (Yahoo Group), 22 February 2003