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The story behind the song called "Hell Bustin' Loose," (subtitled "She Fell In Love With Ritchie Blackmore's Dildo") written by Albert Bouchard of Blue Oyster Cult which didn't made it to their "Cultosaurus Erectus" album.

Albert Bouchard: "Hell Bustin' Loose," (subtitled "She Fell In Love With Ritchie Blackmore's Dildo") set to a reversed "Man On The Silver Mountain" Blackmore guitar lick was an Albert original. It was based on an incident at a Rainbow show in which a roadie tossed a giant black dildo on stage and Rainbow's drummer, Cozy Powell picked it up and started playing drums with it. Thinking this was hysterically funny, Albert conjured up a story of how a girl in the audience fell in love with it and that became the lyric. Funny, but definitely not suited for a Cult album, (Although Albert probably just included it on the tape to see the look on everybody's faces when they listened to it).

Blue Oyster Cult Morning Final no 10

There have been many ebbs and flows in the group through the years. Do you think we'll ever see the most famous version of Deep Purple performing again, with Lord and Blackmore returning to the fold?

Ian Paice: Off the top of my head, I really couldn't see that happening. You know, time is a great healer of many, many things, and as we go through life, we tend to mellow a little bit. I just think there have been so many things done and so many things said between different factions, it would be sort of hypocritical if it ever did get back together on stage. I'm not saying 100 percent it couldn't happen. The only thing I could ever see is if there's a time that every one of us said, "OK, this is the last time we're ever going to appear on stage." And even that, I think, would be in the lap of the gods.

Chicago Sun Times, 20 February 2004

Is it true that you tried to get Ritchie Blackmore to play on the HTP 2 album?

Joe Lynn Turner: Yeah, we wanted Ritchie to play on it because we felt he was perfect for it. He could pick any track he liked, but you can't really get through to Ritchie anymore. His girlfriend and her mother are completely in control of his life so they're pushing everything away that isn't Blackmore's Night. Carol, Candice's mother won't even let him sign Deep Purple and Rainbow CD's. I love Ritchie and I owe him a lot, I still have the ultimate respect and admiration for him and we're not on bad terms or anything like that, but every woman he's been involved with while I've known him, he just lets them take over. I knew Candice when she came on the scene in 1990 during the 'Slaves and Masters' record, she came up to me and said "What kind of music does Ritchie like? I want to know what his heart and soul is all about." So I said "Medieval Renaissance music, there's a quartet in Germany that he follows around like a groupie. We go to every castle and every beerfest that they're playing and they're great, this is his love." The next thing I know she's got his ear, and boom! She nailed him. I'm glad Ritchie's happy, he's done enough in his life to deserve to be happy, but I don't think he deserves to be isolated and that's what's happened.

Y'know something else? Carole gets a Japanese translator when I do Burrn! magazine to see if I'm slagging her off. I have Ritchie's personal number, but when I call up the number it's Candice's voice on his answering machine.

Fireworks Magazine, December 2003

She speaks both as an equal to and fan of Blackmore - in fact, she retains a real sense of respect for those pioneers.

Lita Ford: I just remembered a funny story. When we were touring Europe with Rainbow. I went to Ritchie Blackmore's house one day and we were sitting around. Suddenly I said "Hey! Let's jam on 'Highway Star' and he didn't know his own solo! I had to show him!"

Sounds, 26 May 1984

As always, Blackmore and Night are encouraging fans to wear Renaissance costumes to their upcoming shows.

Ritchie Blackmore: Oh, yes, of course, and make fools of themselves.

Courier Post Online, 12 September 2003

If Ritchie had asked you to join and sing for his medieval band in 1997, what would you have answered?

Doogie White: When Rainbow finished Ritchie already had BN on the go. The first album was already out and T-Shirts were being sold at the last show. From Esjberg Ritchie went directly on a promotional tour with Candice for 3 or 4 weeks. I don't think I would be suited to BN's style of music and my legs are to skinny for tights. :)

The Highway Star Forum, September 2003

Why are you always after ex-Deep Purple singers? First you had Ronnie James Dio, more or less discovered by Deep Purple, then Ian Gillan, and now Glenn Hughes. If Glenn leaves can we expect David Coverdale in Black Sabbath. And be honest, have you ever been jealous of Ritchie Blackmore or Deep Purple?

Tony Iommi: (laughs nervously) To be honest, we've spoken with David Coverdale when Ronnie left. As replacements for Ronnie and Vinnie Appice we we're thinking of David and Cozy Powell. Cozy was interested, but David wanted to continue with Whitesnake. Bill Ward returned to Black Sabbath so Cozy stayed in Whitesnake. Blackmore has a good nose for singers (another nervous laugh). And no, I don't have to be jealous on my age, but it just happens that Deep Purple always had the singers I wanted to work with. It's strange but all our singers after Ozzy had something to do with Ritchie Blackmore.

Metal Hammer Aardschok, Holland April 1986

Ian Gillan couldn't remember the lyrics.

Tony Iommi: Ian Gillan is a great bloke but he didn't managed to remember the lyrics of our songs. We were not amused that he had the lyrics laying in front of him on stage. He even forgot the lyrics of "Smoke On The Water". A song that he wanted us to play.

Metal Hammer Aardschok, Holland March 1986

Bob Rose, nominated for 5 Grammy Awards, produced the first album by Jürgen Blackmore's Band Superstition. Why? Has the fact that he is the son of Ritchie Blackmore something to do with that? Do you think Jürgen can follow his father's footsteps?

Bob Rose: I was working in a London Studio when I got a call asking if I was interested to help Superstition out. I first turned it down because there was no room left in my workingschedule. But when I heard the demo I changed my mind. Jürgen is a very good guitarplayer, and he has the talent to become as good as his father. But these things takes time. Rome wasn't built in a day. For Jürgen this is a first step in the right direction.

Metal Hammer Aardschok, Holland Februari 1993

You've got your own Website. Do you communicate with your fans through the Internet?

Ritchie Blackmore: We have some people who do that for us, I myself hardly knows how to switch a computer on. Candice does something on the PC. It annoys me, except, when we are together lookin' for medieval bands, then you can find a thing or two on the Internet. And yes, and when I buy historical instruments, then I do that on the Net. But otherwise I'm just too old for all that.

Laut, Germany, August 2003 (in German language)