Thomas Eriksson's
Painting of Ritchie Blackmore

Hello! Im a 40 years old man, living in stockholm sweden. I bought my two first deep purple albums (machine head, burn) when i was 11. and been a fan of Ritchie Blackmore ever since. Ritchie Blackmore has given me so so many good times in my lives. I have a good friend who is a famous swedish artist. I had an idea and asked him if he would paint an oilpainting of Ritchie, and he was positive to the idea. So I must find a picture. I thought a bit and then I remember the picture from the album On stage. My friend worked on the painting for three weeks, witch is 2m x 1,3m and the result was very good. The artists name is Jan Laggar and my name is Thomas Eriksson. I think it would be fun if Ritchie Blackmore could see the painting, so I send a few photographs of the painting to been seen. If you want to write and tell me what you think about the painting the address is

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