Brian Stephen's Castle Guitar

Hi fellow Rainbow fans

Here is a picture of a guitar that I fashioned to simulate the Castle/Guitar from the first Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow lp. My brother was the first owner of this guitar, a Lori Stratocaster copy bought in 1973. It had incredible tone. I ended up with it when my brother upgraded to a Ibanez Iceman back in 1980. I played the crap out of it for another 17 years until it would no longer stay in tune. Since it was my brothers and my own first guitar, and it was Ritchie Blackmore who inspired us both to play, I decided to turn it into a shrine. Today I call it the Temple Of The King and it hangs in my living room as a tribute to my favorite artist, Ritchie Blackmore. You can see more pictures of it at Blackmore Strat Man as well as my two Ritchie Blackmore Signature Fender Stratocasters signed by Ritchie himself at a Christmas party he held for fans on Dec. 18 2001. One Strat is the limited Edition Strat from 1997 and the other is the more recent Fender Custom Shop Strat.

Brian Stephen