No Bones About It


1. Eyes of a Stranger
2. Breaking the Chains
3. I Like My Music Loud!
4. Little Black Book
5. Loser's Game
6. Living on the Edge
7. Head Over Heels
8. Guitar Commandos
9. This Side of Paradise
10. King of the Night

Line up:

Dennis St. James - vocals
Bob Kulick - guitars
Kjell Benner - bass
Bobby Rock - drums
Bruce Kulick - additional guitar on track 8
Chuck Burgi - drums on track 6, 7 and 10
Jimmy Waldo - additional keyboards
Kjell Benner - additional keyboards
Gregg Hurwitz - additional keyboards

Record Label / Year of Release:

Music For Nations 1991


Bob Kulick is an American guitarist and Grammy Award-winning record producer, best known for his studio work with Kiss. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, and is the older brother of former Kiss lead guitarist Bruce Kulick, whom he suggested Kiss hire.

Bob was involved with a project called Skull, releasing one album, No Bones About It, in 1991.